between the vulcano and the ocean

The WAVE CULTURE Tenerife Surf Camp on the south side of the island offers everything you need to spend an exciting surf holiday with friends or family in the Canary Islands. The surf camp is located in a quiet area in San Miguel de Abona, away from the tourist crowds. Here you can still experience the idyllic and authentic island atmosphere just a few kilometres away from numerous surf spots and attractions.


Experience a surf and active holiday between nature and the Canary culture. Our Tenerife Surf Camp is located at an altitude of about 500 metres in a historic municipality in the south of the island of Tenerife. It has both private apartments and apartments that you can share with other participants. They are furnished with a charming and homely decoration and offer you a pleasant and comfortable stay in a family atmosphere. In addition to the daily surf lessons, you can expect pure relaxation with yoga, exciting excursions, and discovery tours all over the island, a lot of fun and culinary moments among like-minded people.


Due to its special location in the Atlantic Ocean, you will find good waves to surf on Tenerife almost all year round, whether you are a beginner, an advanced surfer, or a surf crack. The ideal conditions to offer you surf lessons all year round: Whether you are just starting out or you have already taken several surf classes – our professional surf coaches will get you on the board and guide you to the next level. The surf courses always take place from Monday to Saturday, whereby we usually start early in the day so that you still have enough time after surfing to explore the island and its many highlights.


Tenerife offers ideal conditions for a unique holiday. The varied coasts attract surfers from all over the world with their waves. Let the deep laurel forests cast their mystical spell on you or hike through lunar landscapes and evergreen mountains. Stand above a sea of clouds on the summit of the Teide volcano or snorkel in crystal clear waters surrounded by sea turtles and dolphins. And if you like it quieter, just enjoy the sun on the rocks along the crystalline natural pools or on one of the sandy beaches on the south coast of the island before heading for a sundowner in one of the beach bars with live music and a chilled-out atmosphere.


1 week from 664 EUR per person


Shared or private apartment with pool in a subtropical garden


5 days surf course for all levels incl. equipment and beach transfer


4 com meals with organic and local ingredients


Three sessions of 75 minutes with a qualified teacher

Dinner at the Tenerife Surf Camp
Shared bedroom
Sunset surf session
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Tenerife is the largest of the seven main islands of the Canary Islands and, with its great diversity, offers ideal conditions for surfers, outdoor sports enthusiasts, nature lovers and those on beach holidays.

Playa de Las Teresitas

Scenic diversity

In addition to the many good waves for surfing, along the north and south coasts of Tenerife you will find countless wild, black sand beaches as well as almost Caribbean beaches of white Sahara sand, which invite you to swim and relax under green palm trees. The unique diversity of the largest of the Canary Islands ranges from vast landscapes of volcanic rocks, deep pine and laurel forests, historic cave villages, dreamlike sunsets over steep cliffs and much more.

The volcano Teide

Up to 3,717 metres

After just under one hour’s drive, you will be standing above the clouds at an altitude of around 2,000 metres, right at the foot of the Teide volcano, and you will feel like you are in an episode of Star Wars. The numerous differences in altitude, which range from 0 to 3,317 metres across the entire volcanic island, are not only responsible for the very contrasting landscapes, but also for the incomparable microclimate that can demand both your board shorts and your beanie on the same day.

Sunset at the ocean

The eternal spring

Tenerife has a unique, year-round mild climate in Europe. The sun shines on over 300 days a year, and in the south, you can look forward to summer weather all year round. Even in winter, 6 hours of sunshine at 23 to 27° Celsius give you enough time to enjoy the beach. While in the coldest month in the north you can expect about 16° during the day, in the south about 24°, August reaches maximum temperatures of over 30° in Santa Cruz, in the northeast, as well as in the south of the island.