In the kitesurf school you will learn the art of controlling a kite and gliding skilfully over the water in harmony with the waves and wind.

Do you want to learn kitesurfing, or you  already know how to glide elegantly over the water with your board under the feet and a kite in the air? Then the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands is the perfect destination for you.

From our surf camp, you will reach El Médano with our kitesurf school in around 15 minutes by car. El Médano is Tenerife’s hotspot for kitesurfing and one of the best places in Europe for kitesurfing on the Canary Islands.

In El Médano, our kitesurf school offers courses for beginners, advanced and professional kitesurfers. If you already have a lot of kitesurfing experience and don’t have your own equipment with you, you are welcome to hire it from the school.

sun, wind and waves


Learn kitesurfing in Tenerife

Our kitesurf school has over 30 years of experience in teaching kitesurfing. All kite instructors are certified by the I.K.O. and will help you to quickly reach your next level in a fun and safe way.

Have you always wanted to learn kitesurfing? Then you should turn your dream into a great adventure in Tenerife participating in our beginner kitesurf classes.

Have you already built up a solid foundation in kitesurfing but want to improve and refine your technique? Then the advanced or expert kitesurf course is the right thing for you.

On the water, BBtalkin radios are used for the communication between students and coaches. In addition to our professional kite instructors, lifeguards ensure your safety. A jet ski is always also available on the beach to get you back to land quickly and safely if necessary.


Kite equipment for the course and to rent

For the kitesurf courses, you will receive all the equipment that is specially tailored to the purpose of the course and your level. So, everything is taken care of.

Advanced kitesurfers who can safely go upwind and do not want to take part in a kitesurf course, also can hire the latest kitesurf equipment.

In addition to boards and kites, accessories such as wetsuits, harnesses, helmets, radios, and much more are available for you.

The extensive range of equipment at our kitesurf school includes many sizes and models for every requirement including brands like Ozone and RRD. The hire equipment is always up-to-date and well maintained. You can book the kitesurf equipment as a complete package or individually, just for one day or for a whole week.

Kitespot El Medano, Tenerife


Different conditions and a pleasant atmosphere

El Médano on Tenerife offers three bays with a variety of kitesurfing spots. From flat water to small ramps and powerful waves, there is something for every kitesurfer.

Beginners will find ideal conditions in the northern part of the bay of “Playa de El Médano” with a gently sloping sandy beach. In the centre of the bay, there are small ramps for experienced kitesurfers and plenty of space for freestyle tricks.

Wave lovers will get their money’s worth in the neighbouring bay to the east, “Playa del Cabezo”, as well as at the spot between the bays. Here, side shore winds and long, clean waves provide the basis for spectacular jumps and wave rides.

If it gets too crowded at Playa de El Médano, the “Playa de la Tejita” to the west of El Médano offers an alternative with a long sandy beach and a shallow water spot.

Kitesurfing in El Medano, Tenerife


Constant wind all year round

A constant wind blows all year round on the south coast of Tenerife, so you can kitesurf in El Médano all year round.

However, the wind is at its best from May to October, when the north-east trade wind provides constant air movement accelerating again on the south side of Tenerife. The midsummer months of June to August then kick it up a notch, with strong winds of over 6 Beaufort almost every day.

On a typical trade wind day, the wind blows diagonally side shore from the left towards the spots of El Médano. The wind usually picks up from 11 am until the afternoon. This means that beginners usually have good conditions in the mornings for learning to kitesurf, while the more experienced kitesurfers among you have their turn in the afternoon.