Tenerife, the island of 1,000 possibilities, offers plenty of special experiences and adventures

Besides the good waves for surfing, Tenerife offers many other possibilities for exciting activities and excursions: outdoor sports – in the mountains, forests or in the Atlantic Ocean – natural landscapes that could not be more different, historic places rich in history, culture and impressive sights, beach promenades with vibrant nightlife and an extensive restaurant scene with traditional Canarian as well as international modern cuisine.

The island of 1,000 possibilities allows us to make your surfing holiday an unforgettable experience.

Yoga at the beach


Start your surf day stretched out, relaxed and yet full of energy

Sore muscles from your first surf lessons? Need to clear your head and take a deep breath? On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, our yoga sessions take place directly at the camp on our yoga deck. Our experienced yoga instructor will work with you on your breathing, concentration, balance, strength, and flexibility, which will benefit you not only in everyday life, but especially on the surfboard.

The camp offers 75-minutes sessions for beginners as well as experienced yogis. Depending on your individual daily shape, your fitness and your respective experience and preferences, you can choose between different yoga styles such as Yin Yoga, Hatha, Power Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga and book private yoga heats for yourself at any time.

Impressive rocky coast in the north of Tenerife


Surf Trip as part of the surf course

If the conditions are right, we organise a surf trip once a week to the other side of the island, to the beautiful Anaga Mountains in the north of Tenerife.

The Anaga Mountains are one of the most spectacular regions on Tenerife. The UNESCO biosphere reserve fascinates with its unique mountain landscape with breathtaking views, small idyllic mountain villages and hidden beaches that are particularly good for surfing.

This full-day surf trip takes place instead of a regular surf course day and is suitable for all students. The minimum number of participants for this trip is 4 students.




Tenerife offers the perfect climbing area for every level. In Arico, 30 minutes from the surf camp, you will find one of the best climbing areas in Europe with more than 500 climbing routes up to 40 metres high. If you prefer to stay by the sea while climbing, there are also numerous deep water solo spots nearby.


With El Médano, 15 minutes away from the surf camp, Tenerife has a top-class wind and kite spot where European-wide competitions and world championships take place. However, beginners and advanced surfers will also get their fun on the kilometre-long sandy beach. Or you can try out Wing Foil.


Along the steepest coasts of the Canary Islands and idyllic little bays with lava sand, you paddle over calm, crystal-clear water. Many sheltered areas of Tenerife’s south coast offer ideal conditions for a relaxed Stand Up Paddle tour with the whole family.


With countless hiking routes of all levels of difficulty, Tenerife is an absolute trekking paradise. From cliff tours on the north coast to hikes through green mountain ranges to high alpine tours on the border of snow – Tenerife offers something for everyone who likes to experience nature on foot.


Tenerife offers numerous spots that are fantastic for snorkelling, freediving, and scuba diving. In sheltered bays, you can experience a literally breath-taking atmosphere below the water’s surface without currents and swells and discover a colourful variety of marine fauna.


For trained MTB riders, the island offers challenging tours, where you can push yourself to the limit in the mountains and really get your adrenaline pumping with a thrilling downhill run. But even less experienced bikers get their full fun and adventure with high-quality E-MTBs that provide electric support for your paddling power.


Teide National Park


Discover the Teide National Park – a volcanic landscape that will take you back to an episode of Star Wars. Take the cable car up to 3,555 metres, or hike from the valley station to the summit via countless hiking routes along spectacular rock formations. High above the sea of clouds, you will experience the impressive atmosphere and pulsing energy of the volcano and Spain’s highest mountain.

Los Gigantes


From the sea, from the air or from the land – the cliffs of Los Gigantes are one of the many natural jewels the island has to offer and an essential destination for you during your surf holiday in Tenerife. Ideal for a quiet boat trip to watch whales and dolphins, diving, snorkelling or SUP paddling along the impressive cliffs.


On Tenerife, you will find a marine fauna whose biodiversity makes the south coast of the island the world’s richest and Europe’s largest region of cetaceans. The strip of sea between the south coast and the neighbouring island of La Gomera is home to around 20 species of whales and dolphins, including hundreds of pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins, which you can experience live on an ecologically sustainable tour


Get your camera ready, because a paradise screen awaits you in the Rambla de Castro nature reserve! Our Island Trip goes to the north side of the island, starting at the impressive lava beach of Los Roques, near Puerto de la Cruz. Hike along impressive rock formations, refresh yourself under waterfalls and relax on black sand beaches surrounded by the largest palm garden on the island.



Also in Tenerife, these appetisers are served as a snack, starters or as a variety of a main dish. Not only restaurants, but also many bars and bodegas have a selection of many delicious local tapas ready, which simply taste good at any time of day with a small beer or a red wine.


If you want to experience the traditional cuisine of Tenerife, you can’t avoid a visit to a guauchinche. In the mountain villages, the inhabitants offer you a variety of tasty dishes, which you can enjoy alongside lots of homemade red wine – that also has a great effect in small glasses – at low prices.


At Playa Las Américas you will find numerous beach bars where you can round off an exciting day on the island in a very special way. With live music and a few cool drinks, you and your friends can enjoy beautiful sunsets with a view of the waves turning red and purple.



Party on! If you feel like partying and dancing all night, you’ll find plenty of bars and good clubs along the beach promenades in Las Americas, El Médano and Los Cristiano, where you can rock out until sunrise. And for those who like to turn day into night, Tenerife has a good programme of many big festivals, concerts, beach parties and raves all year round.


Who would have guessed: Tenerife has the second largest carnival in the world. The confetti kicks off in Santa Cruz on 10 February. From then on, a samba party like in Rio de Janeiro breaks out on the island, with up to 250,000 people dancing and celebrating daily in parades and live concerts until 21 February in the squares and streets of the capital Santa Cruz until late at night.