Surf lessons for all levels by qualified surf instructors

The aim of our surf school is to provide you with safe surf lessons to make surfing in Tenerife a special experience for you and your whole family. Our surf school has been awarded by the Canary Islands Surf Federation (Federación Canaria de Surf) and is licensed to provide professional surf lessons in Tenerife.

We want you to be part of a surf school that is not an ordinary one – to learn surfing with all its techniques and its rules, and to become confident in recognising and reading tides, currents, and wave conditions. We achieve this with a team of qualified surf coaches and specialists in the technical teaching of surfing, who have years of experience in training with surfers of all levels and ages and who pass on their knowledge to you with a lot of fun and empathy and always guide you in practice in the water and in all theoretical topics.



Your dream of surfing

Step by step, you will be introduced to the basic skills of surfing by our professional team during your first surf course. After theoretical and extensive practical introductions on the beach, you go into the water with a surfboard specially designed for beginners. Here you will always be accompanied by a surf instructor and can practice the techniques you have learned, such as paddling and, above all, the take-off, and ride your first waves in a safe environment.


You are ready for the next step

You have already taken one or more surf lessons or have gained experience with a surfboard on your own? The take-off in white water works well and you are making your first turns? Then our intermediate course is exactly the right thing for you. We will deepen your basics and take your first steps in the line-up, where you will get closer to surfing unbroken waves. We continue with the first manoeuvres and, if you wish, the handling of a hardboard, which reacts much more directly to the wave than a softboard, but also requires better timing and more paddling effort from you.


You want more style and technique

The take-off is no longer a problem for you, and you can safely ride unbroken waves? You know and respect surfing etiquette and the right behaviour in the line-up? Then you are ready for our Advanced course. From now on you will be introduced to the finer points of surfing. Your coach will try to optimise your style and techniques by dealing with everyone individually and filtering out various weaknesses as well as strengths. The focus is on the following techniques: Diving through waves, building speed, bottom and top turns and the cutback.

Surfing at the south coast in Tenerife


Always the right material

For the surf course, each of you will receive your own surfboard, a 3 mm wetsuit and lycra, depending on your height, weight and surf level. For the beginner courses we use professional softboards, which offer you a lot of stability and safety in the water and guarantee easy gliding in the white water. For the intermediate and advanced courses, you will be given a suitable hardboard (Funboard or Minimalibu) according to your ability and measurements, with which you can make your first turns and learn to paddle the first unbroken green waves.

Surf School in Tenerife


Time for a variety of activities

To give you room for other activities, the surf course takes place in the morning or afternoon, depending on the day of the week. In total, you will be on the road for about 4 to 5 hours. The surf van will pick you up directly at the camp and then you will go to the respective spot of the day, depending on the wave conditions. After the warm-up and stretching, there is a theoretical and practical introduction to the topic of the course day on the beach. Afterwards you will be in the water for about 2 hours – always with a professional surf coach at your side. Afterwards, you can chill on the beach for a while before returning to the camp.